Here’s your reading challenge for 2017!

__ a science fiction book

__ read a book aloud to someone else or use sign language to tell a story

__ an autobiography

__ a book published this year

__ a book over 400 pages

__ a book that takes place before 1800

__ a book with a main character who has a mental illness

__ a book with a main character who has a physical or learning disability

__ a magazine that reports on current events (Time, Rolling Stone, etc.)

__ a newspaper

__ a book recommended to you by someone younger than you

__ a book that teaches you a skill (a language, an art or craft, a recipe..)

__ a book which provides commentary on current events

__ a book which takes place outside the USA

__ a Western

__ listen to an audio book or playaway

__ a book that takes place somewhere you’ve never been

__ a book you normally wouldn’t read based on its title, cover or author

__ a book that is commonly banned from school curriculums

__ a book that has won a Newbery Medal

Good luck!