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Welcome to Paola Free Library!

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Here’s your reading challenge for 2016!


__ a horror book

__ a non-fiction science book

__ a collection of essays

__ read a book aloud to someone else or use sign language to tell a story

__ a biography (not a memoir or autobiography)

__ a book originally published in the decade you turned 16

__ a book under 100 pages

__ a book that takes place before 1901

__ a book that takes place after 2001

__ a book with a main character that has a mental illness

__ a book with a main character that has a physical or learning disability

__ a non-fiction travel book

__ a science magazine (any kind of science- physical or social)

__ a book recommended to you by someone you admire

__ a book that teaches you a skill (a language, an art or craft, a recipe..)

__ a book written by someone who lives somewhere besides the USA

__ a book of poetry

__ a famous author’s second book

__ a book that takes place in the state you were born in

__ a book that takes place somewhere you’ve never been

__ a book you normally wouldn’t read based on it’s title, cover or author

__ a mystery

__ a book that is commonly banned from school curriculums

__ a Pulitzer Prize-winning book

Good luck!