1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Frequently Asked Questions

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Who can sign up for this program?

Any child from birth until kindergarten can sign up. It will take from a few month to a few years to complete the program, depending on how many books you read at a time.

Why is it important to read to very young children?

Sharing books and stories is important to your child’s brain development and will help them be successful in school. We will be sharing early literacy tips throughout the program.

1,000 books! You’re joking, right?


  • 1 books a day X 3 years = 1,095 books
  • 2 books a day X 3 years = 2,095 books
  • 5 books a week X 4 years= 1,040 books
  • 10 books a week X 2 years = 1,040 books

My child wants me to read the same book over and over. Can I count that books more than once?

Yes, count each time you read the book! You have our sympathies, toddlers love repetition. We are happy to offer suggestions of other books that may become your child’s new favorite.

Can I count books that are read at day care or preschool?

Yes! Even count books read by siblings, grandparents, during story times….you get the picture!

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