Memorials & Donations


Many families choose to designate the Library as a recipient of a memorial to a loved one. In this case, we always ask what the interests and concerns of the person were in order that we might use the money to purchase materials relevant to those interests. This usually happens in the case of small memorials toward books or sets of books. Memorial book plates are placed inside the books in this case.

If the memorial is a large gift of money, our procedure is to place it in the Paola Free Library Foundation where it will increase our ability to earn interest and dividends and be used eventually for major library needs.


Gifts or donations of books or other materials are accepted with the understanding that they may be used or disposed of as the library determines is appropriate. Determining "appropriate" means using the same criteria set forth in this policy for the purchase of library materials. Gifts that are not added to the collection will be given to the Friends of the Paola Free Library for resale.

If requested, the library will supply a letter listing the number of items donated. The library may not provide (prohibited by law) an appraisal of the items for the donor (for tax purposes).

Gifts of items other than materials or money not covered by written policies shall be considered by the Director and the Library Board.

Any negotiable cash gift over $1 which is not designated by the contributor for a specific purchase shall be transferred into the Paola Free Library Foundation. If cash donations are made with requests for specific materials to be purchased, the Materials Selection and Development Policy shall apply.

Gifts made to the Library become the sole property of the Library and remain so until they are either added to the collection or until a decision is made as to the appropriate disposition of such items.