Mobile Food Vendor License and Fees

Mobile Food Vendors may operate within the City under the following conditions:

1) Public Property: Mobile food vendors may only vend in designated spaces in the Municipal Parking Lot No. 1 on Saturday, Sunday and Monday in accordance with Chapter 5 Article 2.  Mobile food units may not park on any other public property (see Exceptions, Section 5-203)

2) Private Property: Mobile food vendors may park on commercially zoned private property, with permission from the business owner.

A Mobile Food Vendor license is required (see Exceptions, Section 5-203)  

        Requirements: Application, current State of Kansas health inspection, valid drivers license and proof of insurance.

To apply for a license, please contact the City Clerk at City Hall 19 E. Peoria or 913-259-3600. 

Download the application here.

For further information please see Chapter 5, Article 2.