Permit Application


A building permit is required for most any type of work that is performed. A homeowner is allowed to perform most work on their residence. However, if a contractor is hired to perform work, the city requires that they be licensed by the City of Paola. The city requires insurance, an application and a fee to become a licensed contractor. Building permits and contractor’s licenses are required within the city limits as well as the growth area.


Permit applications are available in our office at 19 East Peoria Street, or by downloading the Building Permit Application form and the Required Permit Information. Some building permits will also require a Public Works Right-Of-Way permit.

For More Information

If you have questions about what permits are required, or if a contractor is licensed, please contact the Building Department at:

Building Inspection Department

City Hall

19 E. Peoria

Paola, KS 66071

Ph: (913) 259-3611