New Residential Construction

Getting Started

Building permit applications are available HERE, at Paola City Hall, 19 E. Peoria, or call 913-259-3611 and an application will be mailed to you.

Single Family Residential Design Standards

  • Driveways: Driveways with access on public streets shall be hard surfaced.
  • Foundations. All buildings shall be placed on a permanent foundation that meets applicable building code requirements. The floor elevation of the proposed dwelling shall be reasonably compatible with the floor elevations of surrounding dwelling units. (Note: this is already required by the City of Paola through the building codes)
  • Garage or Carport: A single-family dwelling shall include a garage or carport constructed with the same materials as the dwelling with a concrete floor and concrete pad.
  • Minimum Dimension. The smaller dimension of a rectangular dwelling unit shall be at least 22 feet. If a dwelling unit is not rectangular, then the minimum dimension of a rectangle superimposed over and enclosing the entire footprint of the dwelling unit shall be at least 22 feet.
  • Roofing Material. All main buildings and all detached garages or carports shall have a roof surface of wood shakes, asphalt, composition or wood shingles, clay or concrete tiles, or other material expressly designed for roofs.
  • Roof Pitch Overhang. All main buildings shall have a pitched roof with a minimum 12-inch roof overhang on each of the dwelling’s perimeter walls such that the overhang is architecturally integrated into the design of the dwelling.
  • Siding Materials. All main buildings and all detached garages shall have exterior siding material consisting of wood, masonry, concrete, stucco, masonite, vinyl or metal lap. The exterior siding shall extend to ground level, except that when a solid concrete or masonry perimeter foundation is used, the siding material needs to extend below the top of the foundation.


The Planning Commission may approve deviations from one or more of the design standards on the basis of a finding that the architectural style proposed provides compensating design features and that the proposed dwelling will be compatible and harmonious with existing structures in the vicinity.

Building Permit Requirements

Two plot plans that include:

  • Building lines
  • Contour lines
  • Driveways and sidewalks
  • Existing or proposed structures and distances to property lines
  • Locations of easements or rights-of-way
  • Property address
  • Property dimensions

Square footage of the first and second floors, garage, basement (finished / unfinished), and decks must be listed on the application. Decks should be shown to scale on the plot plan.

Facilities for Workers

Temporary toilet facilities shall be provided and maintained in sanitary condition for use of workers and must be available from groundbreaking through completion. Trash dumpsters shall also be provided.

Building Plans

Building plans must include:

  • All submissions must be in duplicate, readable and hard copied (no redlines, pencil or pen notes will be accepted).
  • Complete framing plans for the rafters, ceiling joists, and floor joists.
  • Foundation plan with the location, openable dimension and finished sill height of the required basement egress window(s) or walk out door, the dimensions and reinforcement schedule for the perimeter footings, foundation walks, and all isolated footings or grade beams.
  • Note the location and required guardrails, handrails, smoke detectors, and GFCI receptacles. Provide a detail of the guardrail and handrail standards.


A permit becomes null and void if work or construction authorized is not commenced within 180 days, or if construction or work is suspended for a period of 180 days at any time after work or construction is commenced. Permits shall be renewed annually. If a permit is null and void or expired, a new permit application and fee are required.


The permit, water hook-up, sewer hook-up, and sewer inspection fees are due when the permit is issued.


Please have the permit number, project address, and type of inspection needed when scheduling. An original copy of the approved plans must be on site for all inspections. Inspections include:

  • Building Rough-In
  • Deck
  • Electric Service
  • Final
  • Footing / Foundation
  • Gas Service
  • Plumbing Ground Rough
  • Wall


The permit fee will be doubled if any work begins without first obtaining a permit.

Setback Requirements

Contact City Staff for the requirements in your area.