Commercial Fences

Getting Started

If you are erecting a new fence or removing or replacing an existing fence, a building permit is required. Building permit applications are available at Paola City Hall, 19 East Peoria, or call (913) 259-3611 and an application will be mailed to you.

For your protection, we encourage you to contact the utility location service (1-800-DIG-SAFE) prior to digging post-holes or doing any other digging or excavating

Building Permit Requirements

A site plan or survey including:
  • Dimensions and materials of the fence
  • Distances from fence and property lines
  • Existing or proposed structures and distances to property lines
  • Locations of easements or rights-of-way
  • Property address
  • Property dimensions


The permit fee is due when the permit is issued.


One final inspection is required upon completion of construction. Call (913) 259-3611 to schedule an appointment. Please have permit number available.


The permit fee will be double if any work commences without first obtaining a permit.

Permit Expiration

A permit becomes null and void if work or construction authorized is not commenced within 180 days, or if construction or work is suspended for a period of 180 days at any time after work or construction is commenced. Permits shall be renewed annually. If a permit is null and void or expired, a new permit application and fee are required.


  • Hazardous utilities or other uses require fencing for safety or liability reasons or to prevent access, shall meet the following standards:
    • A hedge shall be required around the fenced area where a metal mesh fence is used. The amount of shrubs required shall be installed at four feet on center.
    • If barbed wire is necessary, a double row of shrubs shall be planted, each row at three foot on center and maintained at fence height.
    • If razor wire or concertina wire is used, a metal and/or masonry decorative fence (approved by the Planning Commission) shall be erected fifteen feet outside the wire fence and surrounded by a 0.2 opacity bufferyard.
  • Chain link fences are prohibited except in the Industrial zoning district and for school and day care playgrounds. Opacity inserts are permitted only in the Industrial zoning district.
  • Fences are not to be built over easements unless a gate with access to the easement is provided.
  • Location of fences for playgrounds in residential areas shall comply as nearly as practical to the residential fence location requirements.
  • The Planning Commission shall approve the location of chain link fences.