Bulletin Board Policy


The library provides space on its public bulletin board for announcements and notices of local community events. This service is in keeping with the Library's overall philosophy of providing access to a wide range of information sources.


All notices and posters must be approved and placed on the bulletin board by library staff. Staff may discard items not approved for placement and excess copies of any items received.

The Library gives priority to notices for programs and events that promote literacy, books and reading. Other types of events appropriate for posting include concerts, cultural events, lectures, and workshops.

Religious and political materials are permissible for informational purposes or special events; materials that have the primary effect to proselytize for a single point of view will not be displayed.

In general, no items devoted solely to the sale, advertising, solicitations or promotion of commercial products or services for a single profit making business will be accepted. Staff may make exceptions for announcements of educational opportunities provided by profit making businesses, or items including a variety of beneficiaries.

Posting of a notice does not imply endorsement by the library staff or the Board of Trustees of the viewpoints expressed in the items.

The bulletin board is not available for personal or family use, or for purely social use.

Items may be refused based on size and available space.

The library does not assume any responsibility or liability for items submitted for display on the bulletin board. The organization/individual assumes responsibility for any damage incurred.

Items that become outdated will be removed from the bulletin boards and will be disposed of as deemed appropriate. For example, posters announcing meetings will be removed after the meeting. Other items will be removed after thirty days, unless there is space available and the item is considered to be of general interest. Items directly concerned with the library will be displayed as long as appropriate.

Last Updated December 2017

By the Paola Free Library Board of Trustees

Reviewed December 7, 2021

Reviewed December 6, 2022