Patron Code of Conduct

Patron Code of Conduct:

1. Patrons must comply with instructions or requests made by library staff with respect to rules and regulations.

2. Shirt and shoes are required in the library.

3. Children 10 and under must be supervised by a parent, guardian or caregiver at all times, including while attending library programs.

4. Drinks in a container with a lid may be enjoyed inside the library facility, but should be handled with care around electronic equipment. If a spill should occur, please notify staff.

5. Food may be enjoyed in designated areas inside of the library (Book Nook and Study Rooms) with permission from library staff. Exceptions may be made for library events.

6. Pets are not permitted in the library, unless used for a library-sponsored event. Service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act are welcome.

7. Be considerate of others by not creating disruptions due to: excessive noise, inappropriate technology use, poor hygiene, or other disruptive, abusive, or dangerous behaviors.

8. Patrons shall not possess or consume alcoholic beverages in the library or on library premises.

9. No smoking, vaping or tobacco products.

10.No drugs.

11. No theft or vandalism.

12.No soliciting.

13.Be respectful.

Anyone who violates the Patron Code of Conduct, municipal, state, or federal law

or regulation will be asked to leave the building and depending on the severity of

the infraction, may be banned from the library and prosecuted by the law.

Last Reviewed and Updated by the Board of Trustees September 6, 2022