Exhibit & Display Policy

The Paola Free Library is pleased to offer artists, collectors and organizations the opportunity to display their work to the community. Exhibit space is open to individuals and organizations. Organizations shall designate one person as a representative. Exhibit periods are arranged with the Director and/or Library Staff with final approval given by the Library Director.

Application for exhibits is made on a first-come, first-served basis. The Library shall have the final decision on the content and arrangement of all exhibits and displays. The Library expressly reserves the right to reject and display in whole or in part which it deems in its sole discretion to be inappropriate based upon local community standards.

The exhibitor may be required to show samples of the proposed exhibit.

Exhibits in the Library are seen by everyone during regular business hours, including children and adults. The materials of the exhibits and displays must therefore meet what is generally known as "the standard acceptable to the community." Every item must meet the Library's standard of value and quality, and the Library reserves the right to reject any part of an exhibit or display.

Because exhibits and displays are used to present fields of interest as varied as possible, the Library is not able to devote space to specific "weeks" and "days" year after year.

Partisan political and religious matters are strictly avoided in the exhibits and displays. Also avoided are petitions, solicitations of any kind, sales, surveys or other materials designed to obtain opinion or quantifiable responses.

Whenever possible, the Library will incorporate books or materials from the Library's collection which have a relevance to the subject of the display.

The areas available to the public for exhibits and displays are:

  1. Locked glass exhibit case located in the entrance lobby
  2. Locked glass exhibit case located in the display area west of the circulation desk upstairs
  3. From one to four display panels on the north wall of the circulation room upstairs
  4. Locked display case located downstairs between Junior and Easy rooms

The artist/collector is responsible for setting up and removing the display. All publicity related to exhibits and displays shall be submitted to the Library for approval before using.

Exhibits and displays will be scheduled for an agreed-upon period of time, which will be at the discretion of the library. If the exhibit/display is not set up by the assigned period, the exhibit/display may be canceled by the Library. If the exhibitor/collector must cancel a show, it is expected that he/she contact the Library as soon as possible to see if another date may be arranged.

Due to space limitations, the Library cannot provide storage for the property of groups or individuals displaying in the Library.

The Library shall not be held responsible and is expressly relieved from any and all liability by reason of injury, loss or damage to any person or property in or about the premises occurring during the exhibitors use of the premises.

No admission may be charged. Exhibitors must sign the "Agreement to Exhibit" form.

Last updated December 2017 by the Paola Free Library Board of Trustees

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