Internet Usage Policy

Paola Free Library is opposed to censorship. However, due to the fact that our computers are located in a public place, patrons are not allowed to access any site containing sexually suggestive material, violence and hate speech, or illicit drugs and alcohol.

  • Staff will remind me of this policy only once if I am found to be in violation.
  • A second violation of this policy will result in the suspension of my computer privileges for a period of one month.
  • A third violation of these policies will result in a permanent loss of computer privileges for me within the Library.

Computer privileges will be taken away permanently and immediately from a patron if they do any of the following:

  • Destroy or damage equipment, software, or data belonging to the Library
  • View or distribute pornography

Acceptable Use Policy

Computer, Wireless Access, Laptop and i-Pad Use

Paola Library patrons wanting to use the Internet computers and wireless network must have a current unblocked Paola Free Library card. A patron's agreement to the following conditions is also required:

  • I understand and acknowledge that the Internet contains information, both written and pictorial, which may be offensive or harmful to me and / or others.
  • I release Paola Free Library from all liabilities associated with my viewing of, use of, or exposure to any information, machine-readable file, picture, graphical representation, or illustration I may encounter while using the Library's computers, whether or not such information appears or is delivered through the particular device I operate.
  • If I am a parent, I release the Paola Library from any responsibility for inappropriate material accessed by my child through the Internet. I understand that, as a parent, I am the ultimate responsible party for restricting my children's use of the Internet and should either trust my child or accompany him or her during their Internet session.
  • I will not harm or harass any Library employee or member of the public by subjecting them to offensive material depicted on a computer screen. I understand that the computer screens at the Library stations and on a laptop in any other part of the library are easily visible to anyone passing by; therefore I will not use the Library's or my personal computer in the library to access sites that are sexually suggestive, that depict extreme violence, hate speech, or illicit drugs and alcohol.
  • I will comply with all state and federal laws including those regarding gambling, obscenity, pornography, or delivery to minors of material deemed harmful to them. I will also comply with the policies and procedures of the Library.

See agreement on page 1 for consequences to any violation of the above two sections.

  • I understand that I create, store, and use personal files at my own risk and that the Library is not responsible for the loss of personal electronic documents, portable devices, and/or files.
  • I understand that the Library reserves the right to change this acceptable use policy and other procedures.
  • I understand that individual library staff members are not authorized to approve exceptions or otherwise modify these policies.
  • I understand that I also have the responsibility to respect the intellectual property rights of authors, contributors and publishers in all media; and protect login, password and systems resources from unauthorized use.

Wireless Service

With the Library as a "Hot Spot," patrons may connect to the Internet with their own wireless laptop, PDA or other portable device-getting fast Internet for free. Library staff cannot offer technical support for establishing or maintaining a connection, and the Library is not responsible for hardware or software damage or for loss or theft of unattended equipment.

  • I understand that the same "Acceptable Use Policies" that apply for the Library's Internet computers also apply for personal laptops, i-Pad's, other portable devices and wireless use outside the building.
  • I understand that the wireless connection in the library is not secure. Since the radio signals can potentially be intercepted, activity requiring transmission of credit card numbers, passwords, and other personal information should be avoided.
  • I understand that I am responsible for maintaining up-to-date antivirus software and firewalls. The wireless Internet access is unfiltered, but all library policies concerning legal and acceptable use of computers and the internet apply.

Laptop Checkout Policy

Paola Library has laptops available for checkout (in-house only) to adult patrons in good standing with active library cards. A driver's license or official identification card is to be left at the circulation desk while using the laptop. Licenses or I.D.s will be returned when the laptop is checked in and secure. The laptops have basic office software loaded and are able to access a wireless network within the library.

Laptops check out for two hours, unless staff allows more time. After two hours, staff may request that the laptop be returned so that another patron may use it. The batteries only last about an hour with continual use. Please use provided sockets on lamps for recharging your personal computer. No cords should be strung across an area where staff or patrons might walk.

Saving Your Work

If you wish to save your work you may do so by saving to your flash drive, or you may email a document to yourself. There is no back-up system on the laptops, so save your work often. Once the power supply has been exhausted, unsaved work will be lost.

iPad Checkout Policy

Paola Library has ten iPads available for checkout (in-house only) to patrons in good standing with active library cards. Adults and children 5 and older will be allowed to use an iPad if they are able to leave a driver's license or official identification card at the circulation desk during use. No exceptions will be made. In the case of a child, their parent's or care giver's license may be used. Licenses or I.D.s will be returned when the iPad is checked in.

IPads check out for up to two hours, unless staff allows more time. After two hours, staff may request that the iPad be returned so that another patron may use it.

Do not Leave Laptops / Electronic Devices Unattended

Patrons are responsible for any loss of equipment or damage to equipment. Upon return, laptops and other electronic devices will be checked to ensure all equipment is intact. Patrons must return all peripherals borrowed with the devices.

Patrons will be charged for any damage or loss occurred during their checkout period for the equipment.

Revised by the Board of Trustees August 3, 2021.