Review for Tax Exemptions and Incentives


The Board of Review is comprised of seven members. The School Board and County Commissioners shall each nominate one member to represent their respective governmental units as granting of a tax abatement will affect the tax base of their jurisdictions. The City Manager shall represent the City of Paola. Two members shall be nominated by the Mayor. One member shall be nominated by the Miami County Economic Development Corporation. One member shall be nominated by the Board of the Paola Chamber of Commerce. All appointments are subject to approval by the City Council. The Chairman of the Board of Review is selected by the Board Members.

Board of Review records, including applications for tax exemptions and administrative letters, may be withheld from public disclosure under the Kansas Open Records Act as provided for in K.S.A. 45-22l et seq., but shall be available to public inspection when otherwise required by law. The Board is authorized to issue administrative letters of finding which shall not be binding upon the City Council and may be superseded by any final action of the City Council.

Board of Review Member

Jay Wieland, Paola City Manager
Miami County Commissioner
Superintendent, USD 368
Executive Director, Paola Chamber of Commerce
Director, Miami County Economic Development
Krestin Norris
Blake Heid
Marlene Riebe (Pool Member)
Judi Branine (Pool Member)
Mike Gibson (Pool Member)
Jeff Clark (Pool Member)